Continuing Medical Education Grant Request

Funding for new CME Grant Requests is on hold until February 2023. Please note any requests submitted before that time will not be considered. Please email with any questions.

Dermavant Sciences will consider funding CME grant requests that support independent, accredited medical education programs/events for healthcare professionals.

CME grants must be independent of commercial bias and non-promotional in nature.

CME grant requests may be submitted to support live events, web-based education, or print material.

The following is a list of requirements that must be submitted in order for the grant request to be considered complete:

  • Formal letter on entity's letterhead, signed by an authorized representative
  • Activity name, date, and location
  • Expected number of attendees
  • Brief description of activity
  • Dollar amount requested
  • Tax ID #
  • Contact person and information
  • Speaker name(s)
  • Agenda (Preliminary acceptable)
  • Accreditation - Number of credits to be issued and name of accrediting provider
  • Budget breakdown

Please submit all grant requests and / or inquiries via email at